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Solar road stud

Solar Stud


Solar road studs are flashing solar cell powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices used in road construction to delineate road edges and center lines. Embedded in the road surface, they are an electronic improvement on the traditional cat’s eyes in that they may give drivers more than a thirty-second reaction window compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflective devices. The intense brightness of the LED’s makes them easily visible at distances of about 900m under favorable conditions.

Averaging about 100mm square or 100mm diameter and about 40mm thick, units are extremely robust to avoid damage by passing vehicles, and are normally constructed of engineering plastics and poly carbonates. Use of solar road studs reduces the necessity of headlight main beams and the accompanying hazard of dazzling oncoming drivers. They are also more visible in rain and fog conditions where the old type retro reflectors and road markings are problematic. The solar cells charge batteries or capacitors during sunlit hours, over which period the flashing LED’s are turned off by a photo switch.


Road stud, Solar Road stud, Cat eye dealer, supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Road Stud

Cat Eye

Road studs are usually used for railways and highways. Road stud also called raised road marker, belongs to a sort of traffic safety facility. It is installed in the middle of lane lines or yellow double-line for, through its retro reflection, reminding drivers to drive their vehicles along with the lanes. The specification of road studs is 100mm*100mm*20mm generally, and the height is not more than 25mm. Different reflectors are used including reflective sheets, reflective beads, LEDs and reflective films etc. The epoxy resin installation method is adopted generally for installation of road studs. Road studs can be divided into different types:

As per materials:
1. cast aluminum road stud
2. plastic road stud
3. ceramic road stud
4. glass bead road stud
5. reflective bead road stud

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A windsock is a conical textile tube designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. Windsocks typically are used at airports and at chemical plants where there is risk of gaseous leakage. They are sometimes located alongside highways at windy locations.

Wind direction is the opposite of the direction in which the windsock is pointing wind speed is indicated by the windsock’s angle relative to the mounting pole in low winds, the windsock droops in high winds it flies horizontally.

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Jeans Gloves

Jeans hand gloves

We are manufacturer of jeans hand gloves with good quality and we supply jeans hand gloves in all over india.

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rubber gloves

rubber gloves

A rubber glove is a glove made out of rubber. Rubber gloves can be unsupported (rubber only) or supported (rubber coating of textile glove). Its primary purpose is protection of the hands while performing tasks involving chemicals. Rubber gloves are worn during dishwashing to protect the hands from detergent and allow the use of hotter water. Sometimes caregivers will use rubber gloves during the diaper changing process to prevent contact with the child’s fecal material/urine. Health professionals use medical gloves rather than rubber gloves when performing surgical operations.

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Speed Bump


A speed bump, speed hump or ramp is a traffic calming feature of road design used to slow traffic, or reduce through traffic, via vertical deflection. They are also known as a sleeping policeman in British English. A speed bump is a bump in a roadway with heights typically ranging between 3 and 4 inches (7.6 and 10 cm). The depth of speed bumps is typically less than or near to 1 foot (30 cm); contrasting with the wider speed humps which are typically 10 to 14 feet (3.0 to 4.3 m) in depth.

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PVC Supported

PVC is a synthetic polymer that is a thermoset resin. This means that when this polymer is made and allowed to cool, it is very hard and rigid. In order to make a glove using PVC, a plasticiser must be added to soften the polymer and film enough to be used as a glove. The PVC polymer used to make gloves is the same polymer used to make rigid pipe, automotive parts, etc. PVC gloves may contain 30% or more of plasticiser in order to soften the polymer enough to be made into a usable glove.

PVC Gloves is use for some chemical resistance performance against various solvents.